#FavouriteFeature: Carol Mwaura from Kenya

Today’s post, the last in our #FavouriteFeature series comes to us from Carol Mwaura in Kenya. Thanks for sharing Carol. I am currently working in an upcoming University in Central part of Kenya,  we are yet to open doors for students. I am involved in creating and setting up the library from identifying whats needed for […]

#FavouriteFeature: Juanma de la Camara from Valencia

Today’s post comes from our community member Juanma de la Camara of Valencia. Thanks for sharing Juanma! I’m working in a hospital library. This hospital is 301 beds University and is in the countryside, in a small town Alzira [in] Valencia. In the area between orange. The library is not very big and we have almost everything […]

#FavouriteFeature: Jane Buggle from Dublin, Ireland

Today’s post comes from one of our community members, Jane Buggle from Dublin, Ireland. Thanks for sharing Jane. I work in a busy academic library in Dublin.  My favourite feature shows where my work and home lives intersect – the DVD collection.  There are almost 2,000 DVDs in the collection which supports the film programmes. […]

#FavouriteFeature: María García-Puente from Spain

Today’s post, and this lovely picture comes from María García-Puente the ILN Ambassador for Spain: I’m working in a hospital library. This hospital is specialized in mental health and is located in the countryside. The library is not very large and we have almost everything online. But I can say I have the most beautiful views […]

#FavouriteFeature: Shaharima Parvin from Bangladesh

Today’s post comes from Shaharima Parvin the ILN Ambassador for  Bangladesh: I’m working as a circulation officer at East West University Library. It is an academic library. Every week, I have to perform my duty in this section. My library has four sections. This is circulation section. This is the finest section for me because my patrons […]