Reflection: A Year in review – Clare McKenzie

My ILN ‘year in review’ coincides nicely with the end of my first year working at the University of Wollongong Library. The beginning of December is my anniversary of coming here to work and it’s a good time to look back over 2016, both personally and professionally. Personally it’s been both rewarding and challenging. My […]

Disruptive technology: A look at virtual reality

Will virtual reality technology change the world? Maybe, according to this Time article from 2015. A lot of VR technology has been focused on the games sector, but there are lots of applications for libraries and other community organisations according to one article on Public Libraries Online: Many patrons already check out books virtually and don’t […]

Destruction and digital preservation

Throughout history, and in contemporary society, Libraries have always been depositories of society’s ideas. They are a beacon of democracy and social justice, providing equality for all people to access information. It is not surprising then, that many libraries have been deliberately destroyed as a form of ‘cultural cleansing’ – in an attempt by particular […]

Postcard: Visualising Deakin University historical collections

Today’s postcard comes to us from Josephine Le Clerc from Deakin University Library in Melbourne, Australia:  At Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus library we are showcasing and revitalizing our historic collections in engaging and interactive ways. Images from classic Australian fairy tale books held in our special collections were digitised and brought to life through animation on […]

Copyright: Digitisation

Let’s talk about arguably the biggest copyright question that libraries throughout the world are asking: “Can I digitise this?” There are so many reasons why libraries are digitising their collections that it is hard to give even an overview. Here are a few reasons why libraries might digitise materials: It is a means of preservation. […]

GLAM: Karen Du Toit on Working in Audio-Visual Archives

AV archives worldwide have a major headache that needs being addressed yesterday already! “International consensus holds that we have around 15 years in which to preserve our sound collections. By 2030, the scarcity of older equipment, the condition of recorded media and the loss of skills will make their preservation costly, difficult and, in many cases, impossible.” […]

Postcard from Turkey: Digitization of sources from the Ottomon Era

Today’s postcard comes from Selçuk Aydin, Specialist Librarian and Project Coordinator at the Atatürk Library in Instanbul. Selçuk wanted to tell us about a current project to digitise historic material held in the Library. History The Foundation of Ataturk Library the first local government library of Turkey, dates back to the early days of the Republic Of […]

State Library of NSW’s World War I diaries transcription project

The State Library of New South Wales, in Australia,  has released 50,000 pages of digitised World War One diaries  and are calling for the general public to volunteer their time to help transcribe the material. The State Library’s unique collection of solider’s diaries includes over 1,200 handwritten accounts by soldiers of all ranks, doctors, nurses, […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Eva Hornung

Dr. Eva Hornung, Ireland Country Coordinator for the ILN What is one new thing you want to START doing in 2014? One of the pressing issues here in the library is the preservation of “corporate memory”. We have quite a unique collection of historical documents relating to innovative curriculum projects in the post-primary education sector […]