Have you ever heard of FanFiction? Turns it it’s a pretty popular pastime. An essay by Rhodes (2017) provides us with a simple definition: “contemporary FanFiction is the act of creating stories using the settings, plot elements, subtexts, and characters of a previously established fictional universe—from television, video games, movies, musicals, books, comics, or other […]

Discussion topic: what challenges does your library face?

Welcome to the next discussion topic in our peer mentoring program. For this topic we’re going to look at the challenges faced in libraries. These may be individual challenges, or challenges faced by your organisation. One purpose of the ILN is to expand our participants’ perception of their profession across international borders. One way of […]

Copyright: Current Issues

Copyright issues are always in the news. They may not show up on everyone’s radar, but they are always there. Some of them, like the first and last ones in this list, are good for a laugh! Here are some of the copyright issues happening at the moment: From the United States: Neither a chicken […]

Copyright: Creative Commons and Open Access

Copyright laws and practices can be really confusing. They were obviously written by lawyers and lawmakers, and although everyone is expected to follow the laws, they are very complicated for most people to understand. Also, copyright laws and practices are designed to restrict the use of materials, which is contrary to the objectives of most […]

Copyright: Complicated

One of the reasons that copyright can be a challenging subject is that there often is no correct answer to many copyright questions. Especially with technology driving fast changes in literary and artistic works, there are many cases now where law or practice has not caught up to what is happening. One of my favourite […]

Copyright: Digitisation

Let’s talk about arguably the biggest copyright question that libraries throughout the world are asking: “Can I digitise this?” There are so many reasons why libraries are digitising their collections that it is hard to give even an overview. Here are a few reasons why libraries might digitise materials: It is a means of preservation. […]

Copyright: Who owns this thing?

Copyright starts with two very basic puzzle pieces: A creator and a work. In most cases, sorting out copyright ownership is easy because the copyright in that one work belongs to that one creator. But sometimes, it can be much more complicated! One of the most popular copyright issues that made it to mainstream media […]

Discussion topic: Copyright

Copyright is a subject that has many ties to libraries. Copyright can be quite complex in practice, but it is basically just a system that determines how documented art and knowledge can be used and shared. Libraries—as holders of that documented art and knowledge and facilitators of its use—sit right in the middle of it […]

FAIR: Cooking for Copyright Reform

Copyright law varies from country to country but one oddity of Australian copyright law is that although copyright for published works expires 70 years after the creator’s death, for unpublished works copyright lasts forever. This oddity means that letters, diaries and even family recipes end up being trapped in limbo. FAIR (Freedom of Access to […]

Creative Copyright Campaign from CILIP

The Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP) in the UK has taken a very creative approach to promote awareness around copyright reform in their community. They have started a campaign called Free Our History. There’s a petition, a hash tag and a website with lots of information about their position. But the really […]