The Pavement Bookworm

Philani Dladla’s story is a beautiful homage to the power of books and reading. The young South African first began his love affair with books and reading when he was 12-years old and given The Last White Parliament by Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert, by his mother’s employer. Although his ability to read English was almost […]

Books glorious books: Adrienne Hannan

Today’s answer to the 3 questions posed in our discussion topic come from Adrienne Hannan, the ILN Country Coordinator for New Zealand: 1.I belong to GoodReads with a work profile, rather than a personal profile. I use it to connect with colleagues so we can share the books we have been reading. My library system […]

Books, glorious books: Achala Munigal

Here to answer the 3 book questions posed in our discussion topic for this fortnight is our India Country Coordinator, Achala Munigal: 1. Do you belong to a book community such as GoodReads or Library Thing? Or do you belong to a book club? GoodReads: I do not belong to formal book club but do exchange a […]

Books: in and out of the news

There’s been a number of items in the news recently that directly relate to our current discussion topic of books. Here’s just a few, there will be many others, please feel free to post links to stories from your country in the comments below, to our Facebook page, or on twitter using #interlibnet: It’s World Book […]

A love letter to books by Alyson Dalby

Dear books, Oh how I adore you. I really do. I adore you inside and out, but like all good, long term relationships, it’s mostly what’s inside that counts. Yes, I love a good hardcover, and was entranced by the books at my first library job that were bound in vellum. The weight of a […]

Discussion topic: Books, glorious books!

How many times have you had friends or family say that it must be lovely to be a librarian and be able to read or work with books all day? (How many of you are nodding your heads right now….?) How many times have you wondered if anyone who is not a librarian will ever […]

Books: Children’s book awards and prizes

As part of the research for this topic, I have been looking at book awards and prizes.  One of my past jobs was working for the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) and this exposed me to the wonderful world of children’s literature and the amazing array of talent we have in this field in […]

Books, glorious books: Jenny Mustey

Today’s contribution to the Books, glorious books theme is from Jenny Mustey, our Australian Country Coordinator: I have tried to make reading my focus this year as I found last year I was spending less and less time simply relaxing with a book.  I have always loved reading, especially Australian contemporary fiction with the occasional Sandra […]