Beating writers block

Here at the ILN, we like to try and keep new content coming on a regular basis, so that you, our readers will always have a fresh and interesting reason to come back and visit us and be part of our international community. Sometimes the responsibility of coming up with another blog post (or at work, another […]

#BlogJune: Querying libraries

  Querying Libraries is a new blog by Steven Chang, a librarian living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Steven’s blog reflects on what its like to be a new as a health librarian in a public hospital; which has its own set of pressures and responsibilities compared to many other roles in our profession. (and […]

#BlogJune: Book Patrol (libraries)

  Book Patrol (libraries) – This blog describes itself as the ‘haven for book culture’ and the libraries section definitely keeps the theme with historic photos, reading trends, library advocacy and lots of news. Be sure to check out their coverage of the Books meet robotics in the Book Hive, just amazing.

#BlogJune: Early Word

  Early Word– this extensive blog from Nora Rawlinson covers ‘news for collection development and readers advisory librarians’. All of the normal reader advisory topics are covered here (genre fiction, book groups, best sellers, etc) but also included are nonfiction, graphic novels, and reading trends. Plus there is a while section dedicated to reader advisory […]

#BlogJune: Library stories at Boing Boing

  Library stories at Boing Boing. Boing Boing is an edited website and blog ‘devoted to the weird, wonderful and wicked things to be found in technology and culture’. Their library stories include international reports, library advocacy and, copyright issues. Why this is so important is because this Boing Boing write about library issues but […]

#BlogJune: Jane’s Pick of the Day

  Jane’s pick of the day is written by Jane Hart, is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT). The blog description says that the content covers ‘information on new learning trends, technologies and tools’ but there is so much more than that. Recent posts include how to modernize workplace learning […]

#BlogJune: Behind the Panels

  The Behind the Panels site is the blog side of Behind the Panels podcast which has been described as being “like Oprah’s Book Club – but for geeks.” The hosts are passionate readers who report on news, recent releases and all things comic related. Whether you are looking for a resource to keep up […]

#BlogJune: Info-mational

  Info-mational librarian, author, speaker Char Booth writes ‘on technology, media literacy, and librarians’ in this blog. While she is a librarian at a college library her posts tend to be very broad and incredibly engaging. This post about public speaking is a must read for anyone, from the most seasoned presenter to a first […]

#BlogJune: Apophenia

  Apophenia – All I can say about this blog has already been said by the author. Perhaps because I have teenagers of my own, I find danah boyd’s focus on things that matter to young people refreshing and an important contribution to any dialogue about social media. She says: “My name is danah boyd and I’m […]

#BlogJune: Hugh Rundle

  Hugh Rundle Hugh is a public librarian in Australia, and always writes about library issues and philosophy in an intelligent and thoughtful way. He’s big on actively engaging with all aspects of our profession, something that should be encouraged. He writes elsewhere as well (In the Library with the Lead Pipe, for example) but […]