Apply now to grow your international network

We ask participants at the end of each round what impact the ILN had on their professional activities. Based on that feedback we know that the number one outcome for participants in the ILN is developing a  wider professional awareness and an international perspective on their work. And we can tell why! The ILN is an […]

5 Reasons to apply now to be a peer mentor

Peer mentoring helps professionals develop partnerships and grow their network. The ILN uses a model where all participants are treated as equals who have valuable experiences to share. This means that partners are not placed into established mentor/protégé roles, but rather are encouraged to view their partnership as a way to learn from each other; […]

Applications now open for the next round of the ILN

Want to build your professional network and learn about librarianship around the world? Love the idea of professional travel but just don’t have the budget? The International Librarians Network (ILN) is for you. We are pleased to announce the next round of this popular program will commence in mid-August 2015. The ILN peer mentoring program […]

Snapshot of applications for the latest round of the ILN – Only 3 days left to apply!

We are excited to see that once again we’ve had an ENORMOUS response to our call for applications for the next round of the International Librarians Network.  We’ve already had over 700 applications from more than 68 different countries in five continents – from Afghanistan to Zambia! We are pleased to see  participants from countries […]

‘But I’m Not A Librarian’

One question we are often asked here is, ‘Technically I’m not a ‘librarian’, can I still participate in the ILN?’ We understand that the term ‘librarian’ does not accurately describe all of the jobs in our industry. Roles like data specialist, library assistant, repository officer, knowledge management specialist,  community liaison officer, and media specialist are […]

Apply for the International Librarians Network

Have you ever wondered how your role differs from that of a librarian in say, Ghana, Spain, or  possibly the Philippines? Are you are interested in gaining a broader perspective on the library industry but you don’t have the time to travel round the globe? Do you like sharing your professional experiences and hearing stories from others? […]

Keep Your New Years Resolution

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2015? Some of the most popular resolutions are to get fit, manage stress, and recycle. Now while the International Librarians Network can’t really help you with those, we might be able to help you with a few others. Volunteer to help others- The ILN would not exist without […]