Librarians at large: advice for transitioning

In this discussion topic we’ve talked a bit about ways in which the typical librarian skill set can be used outside of traditional library environments. If you’re interested in exploring career opportunities outside the library there are lots of places to go for advice. Job titles used by librarians at large To expand your job […]

Librarians at large: Dave Lyons, Data Plumber

This post comes to us from Dave Lyons, ILN Ambassador to China.  I am a librarian who does not work in a library – in fact, I only did once for about a year, cutting my teeth on Cutter numbers and spine labels. My job title, Data Integration Architect, requires explanation sometimes even within the […]

Librarians at large: alternative careers as entrepreneurs and in startups

Have you got a great idea for a business or project? Many library professionals are also amazing entrepreneurs – starting their own businesses in consulting, research, publishing, writing and more. Three librarians have recently started a business research firm called ‘Bizologie’. Catering for the fact that many companies cannot afford in-house researchers, Bizologie provides for […]

Librarians at large: Louise Holmquist

Today’s guest post comes from Louise Holmquist, a librarian (depending on who’s asking!) from Copenhagen, Denmark. Louse kindly let us ask her some questions about her job, career and professional identity, and we’ve shared her answers with you below. What is your job? Where do you work and what do you do? Today I am working […]

Librarians at large: alternative careers in bookstores, private libraries and publishing

If you’re after something a bit different, there are a multitude of career options outside of the ‘traditional library path’ that you can pursue with your library qualifications. Many library school graduates have gone on to create rewarding careers in a variety of non-traditional roles. One such example is Alex Berman, who wrote a guest […]

Discussion topic: librarians at large

The majority of librarians work in libraries. That’s a fairly broad statement, and we know that there are multitudes of different kinds of libraries, but for the most part librarians work in libraries. But not all librarians work in libraries. This topic is about exploring the world of librarians that work outside of libraries. Librarians […]