What challenges does your library face? Professional advocacy and shrinking budgets

Today’s guest post on challenges in libraries comes from Cate Carlyle, the ILN Ambassador for Canada.   I manage the Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC) at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax Nova Scotia, a “university town” of 943,002 people (2015). The Mount is a medium sized institution and is one of 10 universities in the […]

Advocacy and lobbying: demonstrating value

Last year we ran a discussion topic on proving our worth as libraries (and librarians) that covered the range of possible options from traditional statistics such as gate counts to developing an elevator pitch to tell your library’s story in just a few minutes. During March, I was fortunate to attend a Values and Impact forum for academic […]

Advocacy and lobbying: getting started

It is not uncommon for our community to associate the library as a place where books are kept. How do we let our community know that a library is more than that? How do we make our community understand that we can make a difference? How does our community perceive the library?  It is important […]

Discussion topic: Advocacy and lobbying

Libraries, like many other cultural institutions often find it difficult to ‘prove our worth’ in a traditional economic sense and we invariably find ourselves falling back on anecdotal evidence and strong narrative to tell the story of our value to our communities. Advocating for our libraries has become an essential skill across all library sectors and […]

FAIR: Cooking for Copyright Reform

Copyright law varies from country to country but one oddity of Australian copyright law is that although copyright for published works expires 70 years after the creator’s death, for unpublished works copyright lasts forever. This oddity means that letters, diaries and even family recipes end up being trapped in limbo. FAIR (Freedom of Access to […]

Proving our worth: sharing your stories with SLA

While we were preparing this discussion topic we found out that the Special Libraries Association is conducting research into how people in libraries around the world demonstrate their contribution to their stakeholders. They’ve given us permission to reproduce the following information on our website, and we’d like to encourage all our community to complete this […]

Proving our worth: advocacy

Library advocacy is the ongoing process of actively influencing decisions made about our libraries. It’s not something you do once, in response to one issue – it’s something that we should always be doing to improve the way that our libraries are seen by those who make decisions about them. Library advocacy often takes the form […]