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Culture shutdown – a day of solidarity

This week, 200 cultural institutions from 40 countries around the world participated in a Day of Solidarity to show support for seven institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina that have been closed down due to a funding crisis with the government. The list includes art galleries, museums, libraries and archives. An organisation called Culture Shutdown was founded in […]

Ready, set, go! Pilot program gets underway

The pilot program is just about off and running! Participants have been matched and over the next few days, we will be sending each person contact information for their program partner. While we tried to meet all the requests of our applicants for their preferred partner, in some cases this wasn’t possible. However, we ask […]

An American librarian in Sydney

The International Librarians Network is proud to bring you ….. some international librarians. To whet your appetite for the possibilities of international networking, we will be bringing you a series of postcards from guest bloggers around the world. Kicking off this series is Eamon Smallwood. Eamon works at the University of New South Wales Library […]

So applications for the pilot have closed. What now?

Applications for our pilot program have closed so that we can kick off the first partnerships. So we thought we should answer any questions you might have about what the next steps are. I’m taking part in the pilot. What happens next?  Please be patient whilst we match everyone up into partnerships. We want to […]

What a response! Thank you!

Just under a week after our ‘soft launch’ (that is, we put a few feelers out on twitter that linked to the website), we have had folk sign up for our pilot program already. The pilot program will officially launch at the New Librarians’ Symposium (NLS6) in Brisbane in February, so we are thrilled to […]

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