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Bookless libraries?

Most of us working in libraries are increasingly working with electronic resources alongside with, or even instead of, traditional print books. The academic library sector in particular is moving away from print collections. We came across a story today from the BBC about a new public library opening in Texas, USA that will be completely […]

Mid-Program Survey

2013 is flying by and we have already passed the mid-way point on our pilot program. We’d like to say thank you to all of our participants, volunteers and supporters for helping us make it this far. As you may remember, we have been running the first round of the program as a pilot. This allows […]

ILN is heading to Singapore for the IFLA WLIC

This August, our program coordinators, Alyson, Clare and Kate, are packing up and jetting to Singapore for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. We  are there to present a conference poster reviewing our pilot program but we will also be promoting the next round of the ILN program which kicks off in September. During […]

Guest Post: Turning New Professionals “upside-down”

Sebastian Wilke & Dierk Eichel from IFLA’s New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) have kindly shared their post about the workshop NPSIG ran at the 2013 Bobcatsss event in January 2013. Bobcatsss is an annual symposium with library and information themes, organised by university students under the auspices of the European Association for Library & Information Education […]


Our monthly discussion topic for May is all about reading and writing, which brings to mind one of my favourite quotes from Alice in Wonderland: ‘Reeling and writing of course, to begin with,’ the Mock Turtle replied, ‘and the different branches of arithmetic-ambition, distraction, uglification and derision.’ What we want to know this month is  how […]

Call for Country Coordinators

As the International Librarians Network prepares to transition from pilot to program later this year, we are adding some additional roles to our volunteer cohort. We are currently recruiting country coordinators. What is a country coordinator? We’re glad you asked 🙂 Country coordinators act as liaison points for each country. If you are in New […]

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