How the program worked

Photo: "Cogs' CC-BY SomeDriftwood

Photo: “Cogs’ CC-BY SomeDriftwood

The International Librarians Network (ILN) was a facilitated peer mentoring program.

This involved collecting information from participants and using this information to match them with other participants. Each partnership was formally supported for four months through regular contact and facilitated online group discussions. At the end of four months partnerships automatically dissolved, and participants had the option to sign up for a new partnership.

The ILN was designed to be a truly international program, with the goal of allowing you to build your network and share ideas and experience internationally. In order to preserve that goal, we sometimes needed to impose a limit on the percentage of applicants accepted from any one country.

When you applied to the ILN we asked which country you are based in. If more than 20% of the applicants to each round of the program were from one country, we placed a cap on applicants from that country. Those who applied first were accepted, while those that applied after the cap was imposed were invited to join later rounds.

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