Discussion topic: Getting to know you

Today we start a new round of the ILN peer mentoring program. We are excited about the new round of the program kicking off and can’t wait to hear stories of our participants’ experiences. We wish our participants all the best in their new partnerships as they learn new things and grow their professional expertise. If […]

Reflections with the International Librarians Network

  As a participant of two rounds (2105A and B) of the International Librarian Peer Mentoring program, I experienced the magic that this program had unleashed- the magic of connections. These connections  not only brought the world of Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals closer for me, but connected the global LIS community in terms […]

Reflections with the International Librarians Network

Last year, by happenstance, I discovered the International Librarians Network, and was fortunate to be a participant in their Spring 2015 Peer Mentoring Program. I found this to be an amazing experience. This past February, I had the honor of being accepted as a Content Officer for the program and have been writing blog posts […]

Reflections on joining the ILN team

This year I graduated from being a participant in the ILN peer mentoring program, to working behind the scenes in helping the program to come together. Having been a part of the ILN since 2014, I was keen to give back to a program that I had so enjoyed being a part of. I have […]

Professional Development Twitter Chat Wrap-up

As our discussion topic on professional development comes to a close, I would like to take a moment to thank our guest curator Kate Davis and the wonderful team from the QUT Information Studies Group. They have provided the ILN community with much food for thought. Over the last two weeks we’ve seen some robust discussions […]

Final Discussion topic: Reflection and Review

Congratulations to all of our current program participants! You have reached the final stage of  the program. We hope that over the last four months you’ve learned something new about another part of the world, and about libraries. We hope that  you were able to share experiences and ideas with your ILN partner. Most of […]