Advocacy and Lobbying: working in Kosovo

              In January of 2007, I had the opportunity, through a grant from the United States government, to travel with a group of librarians from the U.S. to Pristina, Kosovo to assist in the establishment of the University Library. This was during the time when Kosovo was still not […]

Librarians at large: transferrable skills

What do librarians do when they leave their sanctuaries of books and set out into the greater world? Regardless of why, it is always a challenge for a librarian who has dedicated years to their profession to make the mental switch from being the keeper of books and information, and undertake something else. Yet, there […]

Library Spaces: Cha-cha-cha-Changes in Libraries

As a User Experience (UX) Librarian, my focus is to assess and improve the services that our patrons come in contact with. Our library will undergo a renovation in 2017 and thus, what will the alterations will mean for our users? Academic libraries are changing – the emphasis is no longer focusing on collecting print […]