Libraries as Place: Shhh….it’s the Library!

Our next discussion topic is guest hosted by the Queensland University of Technology Information Studies Group with the team exploring the the topic of libraries as place.  Today’s post comes from Kathleen Smeaton:  We’ve all seen the stereotypical librarian picture, you know the one, hair in a bun, glasses, cardigan, fingers to the lips saying […]

Libraries as Place: The challenge of being a ‘place’

Today’s post is part of our series on Libraries as Place, guest hosted by the Queensland University of Technology Information Studies Group. This post, The Challenge of being a ‘place’ was written by Dr Andrew Demasson: When talking about the library as ‘place’ most conversations will revolve around the type of place the library is. Is […]

Postcard: the new library at Rockdale, Australia

Today’s post comes to us from Paula Pfoeffer. I am the Coordinator Library Services here at the newly formed Bayside Council and am lucky enough to work in the brand new Rockdale Library. We opened to much fanfare on July 30 this year with other 3,000 people coming through our doors on our first day. […]

Changes in libraries: The NMC Horizon Report 2016: Part 2

Our last post looked at the trends and opportunities for higher education identified in the NMC Horizon Report for 2016. There are of course, just as many challenges as there are opportunities in higher education technology use. Some the report categorise as ‘solvable’, such as incorporating informal learning experiences into courses and assessments, and improving […]

Postcard: USIU-A Library, Nairobi, Kenya

Today’s post comes from Moses Munyao, from Nairobi. Thanks Moses! LIBRARY SPACE: MORE THAN JUST BOOK SHELVES To many people, mentioning the word library brings about a picture of old, rugged buildings that “store” books. The 21st century libraries are therefore striving to avert this notion by creating an environment that attracts and captivates the […]

Discussion topic: Ch-Ch-Ch Changes (in libraries)

The title of this discussion topic comes unashamedly from Molly Brown’s piece on changes in library spaces published during our 2016A round (and quite possibly already has you singing along to David Bowie). Change is an ever present constant in libraries and it is part of nearly every discussion we have, from making deselection decisions […]

My Library Hero: Margarida Pino

Today’s post comes to us from Sandra Moura Dias, the ILN’s Ambassador to Portugal:  I first met Margarida about 12 years ago. At the time I was a young student at Library and Information Science graduation course in the University of Lisbon. At first, she looked like a very demanding and scary teacher… library science […]

Free webinar: Utilizing Partnerships to Expand PD Opportunities Worldwide

We’d like to invite our community to an upcoming free webinar, organised jointly by the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) and IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL), supported by the American Library Association. The webinar topic is “Utilizing Partnerships to Expand Professional Development Opportunities Worldwide”, something that the ILN is of […]

My Library Hero: Teachers of Library and Information science

Today’s post came to us from one of our community members, Sana Hamid Ali, Asst.Librarian at the Aligarh Institute Of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan:  I chose Library and information science subject in my intermediate I  decided to get higher education in this subject so I did BLIS and MLIS in library and information science in 2008. Behind this there is […]