The International Librarians Network is taking a break

In the four years since the ILN was founded we have run 8 rounds of the ILN’s peer mentoring program, providing unique professional development, networking and mentoring experiences to over 5,500 participants from 133 countries. We have also reached countless more library professionals through our website and social media activities.  The growth of the ILN over the last […]

Disruptive technology: A look at virtual reality

Will virtual reality technology change the world? Maybe, according to this Time article from 2015. A lot of VR technology has been focused on the games sector, but there are lots of applications for libraries and other community organisations according to one article on Public Libraries Online: Many patrons already check out books virtually and don’t […]

Sustainability and libraries: little free libraries

Earlier this year we featured a post from our Canadian Country Ambassador, Cate Carlyle on the little free library she has established at the front of her house. Little free libraries meet lots of community needs, many of which Cate highlighted in her post. However, I was delighted to find whole Pinterest boards devoted to […]

Postcard: Brazilian Federal Senate Library

Today’s postcard comes to us from one of our community members Edilenice Passos. Thank you for sharing this lovely library:  The Virtual Network of Libraries  – RVBI, coordinated by the Brazilian Federal Senate Library, comprises twelve libraries of the federal public administration and of the Federal District government, of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches, with their […]

Sustainability and libraries: staff matters

We’ve looked at the themes of ‘proving our worth’ and the future of libraries and librarian education in the past, but it’s worth revisiting here in the context of sustainability of our libraries, services and staff. In a paper from the IFLA conference in 2011, Peter Genovese and Patricia Albanese from Global Library Consulting in the […]

Sustainability and libraries: green libraries

As awareness of environmental sustainability continues to grow, many libraries take the opportunity of a new building or substantial renovations to improve their green footprint. There are green library awards: IFLA’s Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group has a green library award that libraries can nominate for. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) won an […]

Sustainability and libraries: the academic library perspective

In June 2016, the Academic Libraries 4 conference, held in Hong Kong, focussed on a theme of sustainability. The conference program held a wide range of presentations on the theme of sustainability, from green initiatives to web archiving, to how to ensure traditional reference and enquiry services can be scaleable and sustainable. While the conference […]

Discussion topic: Sustainability and libraries

For me, the word sustainable immediately conjurs up images of recycled shopping bags, permaculture gardens, solar hot water and public transport. However there are also business definitions of sustainability, relating to the longevity or robustness of a process or product and countless more examples of the use of the word sustainable that you will be able […]

Libraries as Place: Is LIS education and research ignoring the idea of library as place?

Our next discussion topic is guest hosted by the Queensland University of Technology Information Studies Group with the team exploring the the topic of libraries as place.  Today’s post comes from Dr Kate Davis: I read an interesting article recently that I wanted to share. The article Falling short of their profession’s needs looks at […]