Hungary – Ágnes Koreny

Ágnes KorenyCurrently employed by:
’Ervin Szabó’ Metropolitan Library, Budapest (Hungary)

She gained her professional experiences both as a librarian at working in special libraries, and as a civil servant in the European Commission and the Hungarian Parliament. She is innovative and hard-working, and good at thinking in projects: planning, setting up goals and objectives, managing the processes, motivating people, controlling the different resources, communicating the processes and the results. She believes in networking, and likes to work in multicultural environment, where people can share and benefit from their special skills and values, knowledge and experiences – all for a common objective. She likes participating at conferences, workshops – both as lecturer and participant, taking part in national or international cooperation, talking to people, sharing experiences and spreading new professional issues, interesting ideas and developments. Since May 2014, she has been the Deputy Director-General of the ‘Ervin Szabó’ Metropolitan Library, Budapest. Her interests include the functions and services of a successful, 21st century public library. Agnes is also interested in strategy making, advocacy for libraries, PR and marketing issues, as well different staff trainings. She is Member of the Editorial Advisory Board and Peer Reviewer ofNew Library World, too. She can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @korenyagi.