Poetry Month and QR Codes – Do they have anything in common?

Today’s post comes to us from Anita Vandenberghe, Information Specialist at the Goodfellow Centre at Saint Kentigern College, in Auckland, New Zealand. We love her initiative and use of technology to bring poetry to her students for National Poetry month! 

Image courtesy of Anita Vandenberghe

Poetry is not something most of our students are passionate about, especially not if they have to read or perform it. But watching a great poem performed by an artist or read by the author can make quite an impression. To come up with something special for Poetry Month, celebrated in the Goodfellow Centre where I’m one of the Information Specialists, I decided to show fantastic poetry in an easy accessible way: QR Codes.

We have used QR Codes for quite a while because they have great possibilities. You can link a plethora of information to a QR Code and make it instantly accessible. We use it mainly to link to padlets with curated information; for instance the padlet created for IB History, or padlets with curriculum topics such as The New Zealand Wars, The Rainbow Warrior and The Russian Revolution. Of course you can access the padlets via their links but putting QR Codes close to the physical copies reinforces the awareness that there is additional curated information available. The only preparation for the customer is downloading a (free) QR Code reader to their smartphone.

Image courtesy of Anita Vandenberghe

YouTube has great poetry videos; some clips have music added, others are shown as animations or the poems are read by the author or a performer. For Poetry Month I linked 10 YouTube poetry videos to 10 QR Codes and added a question for each poem so that our patrons could read it while watching the video.

The Goodfellow Centre has three different levels – interlinking spaces that open up to each other. The codes were put all over the Centre ensuring that students and staff could sit and watch poetry in different places.

It was a great experience to see people scanning the QR Codes and – with ear phones plugged in – watching the videos.

What do you think of using this technology to reach out in different ways to attract patrons who may not have discovered these resources? Please share your comments via our FacebookTwitter or our LinkedIn pages.

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