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What is a Flybrary, you ask? EasyJet, a British-based airline, recently introduced the idea of “Flying Libraries” this past summer, as a way to encourage young passengers to read while on-board. The launch followed a survey of 2,000 parents who felt their children read less than they did when they were. It is an amazing initiative, where a book trolley passes through the aisles of the plane, offering a myriad of books to young readers while in flight.

Although they cannot take the books with them when they leave, they can download other classic books once the flight is done, through the easyJet Bookclub. It is a great initiative, especially during the summer months, when children are often traveling with their families and may not have access to books or other forms of entertainment, to help them through the flight.

The books chosen for the Flybraries are from Dame Jacqueline Wilson, author and the former Children’s Laureate of the United Kingdom from 2005 – 2007. As she states, “Books stimulate a child’s imagination and development. Reading soothes, entertains, grows vocabulary and exercises the mind and a flight is the perfect place to escape into a literary adventure. That’s why I think this campaign is such a clever match.” 

As EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall expressed, “Our in-flight lending library means young passengers can pick up a brilliant book during their flight and then return it to the seat pocket at the end of the flight for the next customer to enjoy on-board.”

We think this is an incredible service to encourage children to enjoy reading, feel less anxiety while flying and provide them with access to more books once they reach their destination. It would be exciting to see other airlines adopt such a service for their young travelers.

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Molly Brown, ILN Content Officer

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