Guest Post: Keep Calm and Color on

Today’s post comes to us from one of our community members Daniela Machtinger. Thanks Daniela!

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I would like to tell you about a nice project that you might find interesting our Keep Calm and Color On Project.

I am working as an Academic Librarian in the Reference and Instruction department at The Brender-Moss Library for Social Sciences, Management and Education at Tel Aviv University.

In addition to assisting the students in the process of gaining the necessary skills of retrieving relevant data from the academic databases, finding the right papers to cite and more, I realized that the fulfillment of the students’ psychological needs are essential to the process of learning and I asked myself what I could do to help them in relieving the stress involved in the academic process.

During the mid-term break our library is open 24/6 and it is full of students. I thought about bringing something new and different to the Academic Library world: I borrowed an old idea from the Elementary School Library I used to manage, a very simple activity that used to comfort the school children in the library: coloring pages.


20+ year old students enjoy coloring just as much as the kids: alone or in group, listening to music or talking on the phone. Sometimes, someone picks up a coloring page for later, and starts studying first.

It appears that coloring, whether during an all-nighter before an exam, or as a break after a long day with the study group, can facilitate that moment of simplicity, absentmindedness and playfulness that can boost up the emotional energy which is immensely needed through these stressful times of the Academic year

This is the second year in which the project proves to be a big success.

Every morning I sharpen the pencils, print new coloring pages and hang the students’ beautiful works for display.

Needless to say. Some of my colleagues started to color too 🙂

For more pictures, feel free to visit the Library Facebook page.


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