Guest post: Libros para Pueblos

Today’s post comes to us from one of our wonderful volunteers, Cate Carlyle:

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In our chaotic and often confusing world it is heartening to know that there are organizations quietly working away at changing lives, led by incredibly passionate people intent on giving back. Libros para Pueblos is such an organization. Dedicated to “partnering with communities in Oaxaca, Mexico to establish lending libraries for children, provide free access to books and technology, and develop advocates for the joy and discovery of reading”, Libros para Peublos is changing lives in Mexico.  Created in 1998 by two expats, the organization now has libraries in more than 70 communities.  Spanish children’s books are provided for each library with a mandate to source Mexican publishers and indigenous stories whenever possible, to avoid books related to religion or politics, and to feature the books with covers facing out. A recent initiative is seeing the distribution of tablet technology to the libraries as well.

This year I was fortunate to conduct research in Oaxaca along with reading experts Dr. DeNel Rehberg Sedo (Mount Saint Vincent University) and Dr. Kerstin Rydbeck (Uppsala University). We visited some of these libraries, attended the annual conference and met with Board members, coordinators, and staff. The impressive commitment, enthusiasm and expertise at all levels of the organization restored this librarian’s faith in the world and the future of libraries. Much needed inspiration during these turbulent times.

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