Postcard: Biblioteca Centro Studi Americani

Today’s postcard comes to us from Sara Ammenti at the Biblioteca, Centro Studi Americani. Thank you Sara!

As one of the major centers for American studies in Europe, the Library of the Center for American Studies in Rome was founded by an American author and Risorgimento scholar, who lived in Italy from 1898 until his death, Harry Nelson Gay.

From an initial endowment of about 10,000 volumes in the early 1920s, the library now houses a rich collection of more than 50,000 books, including rare and early printed books.  Its main focus is on issues relating to the history, literature, politics, foreign relations of the United States.

The Center occupies the main floor of the Palazzo Antici-Mattei di Giove, a seventeenth-century Baroque building located in the center of Rome.


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