The Future of the ILN

To our cherished community,

It is with mixed emotions we write to let you know that after several months of careful consideration we have decided to discontinue the ILN’s peer mentoring program.

It has been over four years since we developed an idea for a program where librarians could ‘meet’ fellow professionals from other parts of the world without the expense of international travel. That idea was the seed from which the ILN grew into the organisation and program you know today.

During that time, it has been our great pleasure to see over 5,500 participants from more than 130 countries explore the international world of librarianship through our program. We have met many wonderful librarians around the world and heard many stories of how new friendships have been formed, knowledge shared and networks forged. We dreamed big with the ILN and the results we achieved together with our volunteers and our community were even bigger than we ever could have imagined.

It is not only the ILN that has grown and changed. Much has changed for each of us since the fateful day when we wondered ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ We’ve all changed jobs, moved cities or countries and shared experiences as we too truly became international librarians.

It is therefore timely to make other changes, including closing the mentoring program. The program has relied on the efforts of an increasing number of volunteers to support and deliver it over the last four years, but this is not sustainable in the long term. Over the coming months we will document the processes we used to run the program, including the lessons we learned as we went along. This information will be shared under a creative commons licence, so that other passionate professionals can build on our efforts, and create exciting, innovative professional development offerings of their own.

We are incredibly proud of the extraordinary community that has participated in and supported the mentoring program, so we also want to spend the rest of 2017 capturing and sharing stories from the ILN. Our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts will continue, sharing these stories around the world. We will be in touch soon with invitations to contribute.

We want to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has participated in, promoted and contributed to the ILN. Together we built this community, together we showed how very special is our shared profession and together we have planted seeds for the next generation of professional development.

Best wishes

Kate, Alyson and Clare

Founders of the ILN

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  1. I really appreciate all your hard work in running this programme. I enjoyed my 3 experiences, and I am still in touch with all 3 🙂 I feel sad that it won’t happen again, but thank you very much for all your efforts! Best wishes, Ruth

  2. Mix of emotions, no doubt!
    As change professionals we need to change!
    Thanks for everything Kate, Alyson and Clare!
    I enjoyed it a lot!

  3. Sorry, to see it disappear. I particated 3 years. Each one was informative and interesting, yet very different. THANKS for all the behind the scenes work.

  4. Dear Kate, Alyson and Clare,

    Thank you very much for providing the opportunity to meet with fellow librarians and information professionals. Thanks for all your hard work, time, commitment for such a wonderful opportunity and inspiring initiative.

  5. Dear Kate, Alyson and Clare:

    To you as Program Directors, to my fellow Ambassadors from the different countries and to all participants of the ILN Program:

    Today I was a little sad to read the news that we will not continue with the tutoring program for me, started from its second round, has been surprising but we understand and understand the circumstances.
    I am indebted, in my name and in the name of all Cuban librarians, for having given us the opportunity to participate in the ILN Program, with several challenges or barriers: access to the Internet, English, among others. We learned a lot, from the libraries of the world, thank you, and we will keep on your WEB page.
    See you soon!!!!
    Adriana M. Perera
    Ambassador ILN, Cuba

  6. ILN was a wonderful experience for me. Thank you Kate, Alyson and Clare for giving me the opportunity to participate in this mentoring programme.

  7. ILN was very wonderful professional experience to share our views and experience regarding Library & Information Science.

    I requested to ILN Team kindly re-start that work.
    I appreciated your work to connect all Librarian through ILN.


    Anil Kumar Jharotia
    Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies
    Delhi, India

  8. The International Librarians Network (ILN) peer mentoring program is a facilitated program aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. We believe that innovation and inspiration can cross borders…kindly continue…

  9. Really hope someone would continue the groundwork you laid. As an avid traveler myself, I was hoping to be able to reach out the librarians in the underdeveloped countries to help them in any way I could.
    In the meantime I will keep praying that there will be someone restart this program again.

    Thank you for all you do.

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