Postcard: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’s Humanities Library

Today’s Postcard comes to us from Eduardo de la Cruz Palacios in Madrid, Spain: da4630

This is the library in which I studied my degree and post degree in LIS. This library means a lot to me. I could discover and find such interesting books with which I did great works and with which I’ve learnt so much. This library also gave me several technological and software resources that I needed. But the point is not only books or other both material and digital resources, but also the clear, light and social atmosphere that this library inspires: pretty helpful librarians, great mates and nice professors.

Currently I’m doing a PhD programme, and this library goes on giving me the best resources I need. And I share with it my publications. I feel I couldn’t do my studies, work and research without it. I feel I belong to it, and it belongs to me…

Thanks to you, library. Eduardo de la Cruz Palacios

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