Disruptive technologies: Mobile library apps


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Mobile computing and communication services are spreading rapidly. Statistics show that there are nearly 461 billion mobile users globally.

Information and communication technologies play a key role in enabling citizens to participate in the life of their community to improve conditions for others, thereby shaping their community’s future (Cegarra-Navarro et al., 2014; Linders, 2012). Libraries have always set an example in experimenting with new technology developments, whether it is automation or adopting other information and communication technologies to improve their services. Mobile devices have allowed libraries to connect with patrons on the move. Mobile library apps allow patrons to:

  • view their library account


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  • search a catalog
  • search library databases
  • scan the bar code
  • Keep track of your favorite items
  • Manage your account
  • Locate your item using GPS
  • Provide augmented reality

The following resources will be helpful in creating a library application (“app”) or mobile Web site that allows patrons to access library hours, view their library account or even search database.

Here are some questions you might like to discuss with your partner:

  1. Is your library using any mobile library apps?
  2. How was your experience?
  3. Are you using apps designed by your library or available in the market?

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Bhakti Gala, ILN Content Officer



Cegarra-Navarro et al. (2014). Technology knowledge and governance: Empowering citizen engagement and participation. Government Information Quarterly.  31 (4) pp: 660-668. DOI 10.1016/j.giq.2014.07.001


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