Sustainability and libraries: green libraries

As awareness of environmental sustainability continues to grow, many libraries take the opportunity of a new building or substantial renovations to improve their green footprint.

There are green library awards:

There’s services, lists and companies to help libraries improve their environmental footprint:

It’s easy to have a Western, developed world approach to the greening of libraries, but here at the ILN we do try to bring you a range of perspectives:

Is your library considered to be green? Or are you taking steps to make some of your practices and activities more environmentally friendly? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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  1. Environmental sustainability is now one of the major focus in drawing up new library buildings around the world. Hong Kong is of no exception. The University Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has been awarded a few environmental sustainability awards including:
    ● Hong Kong BEAM (Building Environment Assessment Method)- PLATINUM STANDARD, Sept 2013
    ● Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department – Indoor Air Quality Certificate (Excellent Class)
    ● Excellence in Sustainable Built Environment – Green Building Award 2014 – Merit Award
    ●Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards 2013: Special Architectural Award – Architectural Interior
    ● Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2013 – Best 10 of Public Space Projects from HKIDA (The Hong Kong Interior Design Association)
    ● FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016 (Merit Award – Institutional)

    There is a brief description of the award-winning Learning Garden in the ILN Postcard:

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