My Library Hero: Teachers of Library and Information science

Today’s post came to us from one of our community members, Sana Hamid Ali, Asst.Librarian at the Aligarh Institute Of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan: 

I chose Library and information science subject in my intermediate I  decided to get higher education in this subject so I did BLIS and MLIS in library and information science in 2008.

Behind this there is a motivation from our beloved supporting, caring Teachers of Dept of Library and Information science a dept of University of Karachi Pakistan.

All our teachers are very cooperative and supporting they thought us very nicely ,my Teacher Sir Farhat Hussain Thought us cataloguing of Special material and Classification of DDC and LC ,he is very good at cataloguing and classification now we can say cataloguing is also very interesting subject it is therefore I never feel hard in doing cataloguing and classification, the another person was Madam Nair Huda she Thought us communication skills in BLIS and Correspondence in MLIS her teaching techniques was amazing we enjoyed her lecture she is very strict in rules The techniques she thought us that is very useful in my daily professional life.

In short all my teachers was really good in nature I think now I became a librarian just because of their good style of teaching ,all  are teacher was very nice that’s the reason to became a librarian. these all are my teacher my Library Heros.



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