My Library Hero: Vicki McDonald

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Vicki McDonald

Vicki McDonald

Vicki McDonald is a visionary. This is most obvious in the libraries which she has brought to life. In her former position as Associate Director at QUT Library she executed the redesign of Kelvin Grove Library, creating a colourful space that feels like walking under a rainbow. Vicki McDonald left QUT Library to become the Executive Director of Library & Information Services at the State Library of New South Wales. In September this year she will take up her new appointment as State Librarian & CEO of the State Library of Queensland.

Vicki McDonald is my library hero not only for her exceptional leadership skills but because she embodies the qualities I think a good librarian should have: she is a great listener, she asks incisive questions, she is empathetic, intelligent and she genuinely loves libraries. Vicki’s unwavering optimism, enthusiasm for and knowledge of the library profession sees her meaningfully contribute even on an international scale. She is the Chair of the IFLA Academic & Research Libraries Standing Committee and her passion for libraries has taken her all over the world. Vicki’s enviable Pinterest board of libraries she has visited overseas inspired me as a younger librarian to go on a library tour of my own. Working with Vicki McDonald is fun and it’s inspiring. She is like a red pair of shoes to a black and grey outfit. So I am confident that her new colleagues at the State Library of Queensland will enjoy working with her as much as I have and cherish the opportunity to see even more of her visions spring to life.





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