My Library Hero: Dr. Dilara Begum

Today’s post comes to us from Shaharima Parvin, the ILN’s Ambassador to Bangladesh:


Dr. Dilara Begum

Dr. Dilara Begum

Ten years ago, I heard her name, her working capabilities as well as her personality from one of my teachers. Since then, I have been trying to follow her activities, suggestions and many more. Now, she is my manager. I am talking about Dr. Dilara Begum, Associate Professor & Chairperson, Department of Information Studies and Library Management, Librarian (Acting), East West University.

She is one of the best library heroes in my country. She has been taking multifaceted initiatives for promoting library and information science profession not only locally but also globally. She also acts as General Secretary, Digital Library Network in South Asia (DLNetSA); Secretary, Information Literacy Section, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions; Life Member, and Former Senior Vice President of Library Association of Bangladesh (LAB), Life Member, Bangladesh Association of librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists (BALID).

It is very difficult for a woman in my country to keep a perfect balance between family life and professional life. But I have seen her performing her duties perfectly since the time I came to know her. I have been working with her for 3 years. She has been trying to inspire her all personnel to find out their hidden quality and flourish as well. She always tells that what is the point of working alone? We all must try to work well together and gain professional achievement.

She is a force of nature with a heart of gold and smile. Her great contribution is to launch the Department of Information Studies and Library Management at East West University. Now, She has been teaching approximately 100 students who are going to be future innovative librarians, knowledge managers, archivists, leaders and so on. She has been doing a notable role to promote library profession and taking places in the professionals hearts.

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  1. Well said, Ms. Shaharima Parvin. She really deserves it. She is a real hero in the field of librarianship in Bangladesh. She is one of the icons as a working woman in Bangladesh.

  2. I am her student.I know her very well. obviously she is so pretty and chill person. she loves us like her children.She highlights a very nice way to our future in front of us. She encouraged us.

    Obviously she deserves it.

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