Guest Post: Library as a Tree of Life to Academic Libraries




Information scientists believe that library literature and documents have the power to transform lives and that quality of information will always matter than quantity. Libraries gather the ideas and knowledge of great thinkers and scholars.

Therefore I base on the above statement to boldly proclaim that in modern world “a Library is a tree of life”. A tree is composed of roots, a stem, branches and leaves, and for it to prosper, there is a need for a fertile ground. Academic libraries have played a pivot role in academic excellence, and their continuity depend on prudent support from parent organisations.

Roots are the books, a stem is the qualified personnel, branches are the rules, regulations and policies and finally leaves are the users. All these are very fundamental to the development of academic libraries. A library without the above mentioned is likely to wither and die as grasses do during sunny seasons.

Lastly, a lot is needed in this modern world for the survival of our libraries; there is a need for national and international library organisations to set up the policies, rules and regulations for library management, international standards on who should work in libraries, security mechanisms, the storage equipment, carry users assessment, solicit donors and the relevancy of information.

It is time to guard and protect Libraries because, they are our future.


Christopher Twesigye

Librarian, Ankole Western University, Uganda


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  1. Thanks for the post. Our libraries must be protected because if the last library dies, the last knowledge dies. Knowledge is power and knowledge is acquired through information and information can be accessed mainly in the library. so the library is as important as life and must be protected.

  2. Thanks, Christopher!
    I am an academic librarian!
    Better! Fruits and flowers are our users!
    Users, such as flowers, with its beauty, will motivate other users.
    Users, such as fruits, will be seeds for other trees of academic life.
    Creative and innovative life!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful article posted on the network and the insights provided therein. However, I am finding hard to comprehend the title of the article. This is so because libraries are meant to be the tree of life to academic institutions and other service users and not necessarily to its own. Libraries have a huge collection of materials that are meant to enrich the lives of people who attend to its services. My suggestion to the title, therefore, is that “Libraries as a tree of life to academic institutions/service users”

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