Tell us about your Library Hero!


Photo: “Nancy Pearl” by Anne CC-By-NC-SA

We all have library heroes, every day librarians who have inspired us to be better at what we do. We want to showcase some of the amazing librarians around the world and share their wonderful achievements.  So we are asking you to tell us about your library hero!

To take part, please send us a short blog post that includes:

  •  A picture of your Library Hero
  • A paragraph about who they are
  • and a paragraph about why you find them inspiring.

And that’s all you need to do. To be considered for inclusion in this showcase, please submit your posts by 5 August 2016 and remember, that by sending us your post, you are agreeing for us to publish it with a Creative Commons 4.0 Non-Commercial International license. 

Please help us share some of the wonderful achievements of our colleagues around the world!

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  1. Would you consider having a follow up Library Hero round on past inspirational librarians who may no longer even be with us (for we oldies who have had a number of these in our career)?

    • Hi Isabella,

      You are welcome to submit a post about a Library Hero who has retired or passed away – they don’t have to be currently active. Alternatively, if there is someone you would like to write a more in depth profile about – send us a pitch for a guest post.



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