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As a participant of two rounds (2105A and B) of the International Librarian Peer Mentoring program, I experienced the magic that this program had unleashed- the magic of connections. These connections  not only brought the world of Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals closer for me, but connected the global LIS community in terms of challenges and issues faced. After the completion of these rounds, I felt like contributing and continuing in some way with such an amazing program.

I was a late entrant to the International Librarians Network (lLN) content team. As an academic, my focus has been constantly on academic research and writing. I have enjoyed reading and writing the various discussion topics. Contributing to the ILN blog was so much fun that I looked forward to the next assignments. I appreciate the organized way in which Clare, Kate and Alyson approach every season inviting different topics and giving a platform to so many of us to share our experiences and opinions on library issues and trends.  The ILN blog is a platform where discussions are on various predetermined themes representing global views and experiences related to libraries and library profession. This was the first time I was writing for a blog, which in itself was a learning experience. Although I have studied LIS blogs extensively for my doctoral dissertation I always wanted to get into blogging, and I am thankful to ILN for it. It was a thrilling moment when I came to know that one of my posts was also selected to be a part of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Newsletter.

Libraries are undergoing transformations globally in trying to transform the lives of their user community. The changing skills of librarians is well exemplified by the various guest and participant posts describing their work profile on the ILN blog. The ILN blog has numerous posts written by LIS professionals ranging from new librarians fresh out of library school to library managers  offering a deep insight into this perspective. The blog has become a classic example of documented narratives of LIS professionals from all over the world who are overcoming resource crunches in order to satisfy the changing demands of their users.

Contributing to this blog has helped me in developing and establishing connections with an international community of LIS readers which would be otherwise inconceivable. The chance to join the ILN content team has been a fantastic opportunity and an unforgettable experience.  I got to network with three remarkable women, learning from them and at the same time sharing what I have learned in my journey so far with the global community.

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Bhakti Gala, ILN Content Officer


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  1. I am looking forward to participate in the next round! I truly believe that the librarian profession has a lot to gain with this global exchange of vues and experiences!

  2. It is a great opportunity to be involved and participate in the ILN. The three Lady’s are doing wonderful job to involve everyone around the world. Thank you so much, I have participated one time and looking forward for it, when I graduate BIS. Bit of a Juggle at the moment, but not giving up. Very inspiring blog and Thanks heap!

  3. Thanks to all who make this programme possible. For me it has been a journey of growth, not only professionally, but in many ways. Also looking forward to the next round.

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