Readers for Life: Book Week A Celebration of the Written Word

Today’s postcard comes to us from Kendra Perkins at the YK Pao Secondary School in Shanghai, China. Thanks Kendra!

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Book Week A Celebration of the Written Word

I am always looking for new ways to generate excitement at my library. Creating the tradition of an annual Book Week is one way we have decided to do that. However, this isn’t possible without the support of the whole school community. The strength of the week came from the fact that every department contributed in some way to this celebration of the written and spoken word. This included reading quotes during class time, creating displays about famous economists, reading time was set aside in class time, the importance of reading was discussed, even the P.E. department started their practices that week with quotes from famous memoirs of athletes.

Guest authors, performances, book quizzes, costume day, book to film viewings, and two book fairs were run through out the week. This was all tied together with our Book Week Bunting, which was a visible manifestation of the reading habits our current and past students. Each individual pennant was designed by students as a record of their favourite book or author.

– Kendra Perkins, ILN Ambassador to China

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