Postcard: Department of Information Studies and Library Joint Picnic

Today’s postcard was sent to us by Shaharima Parvin, the ILN Ambassador for Bangladesh: 

Photo1In 2016, East West University introduced Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Information Studies. EWU library team members worked together to commence this program. This makes me feel really lucky to work with EWU library team. Every day, I am learning new things from my colleagues. Even if I am not able to do perfectly, my team motivates me. This is the biggest achievement for the East West University Library Team! ( )

Everyone usually writes about the works they have done. I would rather like to talk about my library annual picnic time. Every year, my library organizes annual picnic. My manager always tells us that picnic can really revitalize our minds, removing monotony from our routine based lives and we can intimate with other colleagues. This year, I spent a wonderful picnic time indeed because we were invited by the freshers of the Department of Information Studies to join with them.

Normally, a picnic is a feast held in a place where the participants cook together, sit together and have fun together. This fun leadsPhoto2 to come back with a light heart and happy mind in our daily busy life. But this annual picnic did not remain confined within just having fun. It had made a connection between students and us. Apart from this, I realized the value of this event which is not limited in the formal connection among students but creating a new personal relationship with them. Now the freshers do not feel hesitated to share their problems with us. I am surprised by the new connection between my colleagues and students. All credit goes to the freshers of Information Studies and thanks to them to make a delightful moment. I would be privileged to spend more time with all of you and you should try your best not to miss it in future.

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  1. Hello Parvin, this is an interesting postcard. I have visited the website and it is well designed to accommodate all service. I have borrowed good information to include in my library strategic plan presentation tomorrow at my campus for the next 5 years.

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