#welcometomydesk – Cate Carlyle, Canada

Today’s post comes from Cate Carlyle, the ILN Ambassador for Canada:


CRC windows

Hi from Canada, where we are smack dab in the middle of a cold snowy winter. Since my workspace is pretty standard I’ve also included a picture of the lovely view from my library just 5 months ago ( ah summer, come back soon!). I am fortunate to face an entire wall of windows which look onto a wooded path and a row of wild roses and flowering trees. In spring and summer the scent and chirping birds and pretty roses are a real treat, and a welcome distraction. Since the current view through those windows is all white snow, I’ve also included a picture of where I do the majority my office work. There is the standard computer station, barcode scanner to the right resting on my trusty day planner, receipt printer on the left and my treasured Van Gogh mouse pad from Amsterdam. My cell phone is usually nearby, complete with its vintage library date-due card case. I don’t keep many personal items at work, just a Minion from a co-worker, a picture from my 25th anniversary on the wall behind my office telephone, a glass Hershey’s Kiss from a dear friend and some of our University’s own branded lip balm displayed on the computer. While there is evidence of my post-it obsession I’ve cleverly hidden my chocolate addiction in my office drawer. Okay, sugar addiction. Candy corn, jelly beans, it’s all good!



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