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Jacqueline Solis

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Jacqueline Solis

Today’s post come’s from the ILN’s Ambassador for the USA, Jacqueline Solis. Thanks Jaqueline!

The University Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has had an exciting, and event-filled year. We are a large library system on a large campus, so I will share just a few of the fun and educational events that we have held in 2015. 

In October, we hosted a Humanitarian Mapathon in the largest campus library. Volunteers made up of both librarians and students used satellite imagery to create and enhance maps of earthquake-damaged parts of Haiti. The event supported Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, a crowd-sourced effort to create and provide maps to assist in humanitarian and crisis relief.

Twice a year our special collections library plans and produces a game of Clue, in which student groups compete to solve a mysterious “crime” in the library. Clues are planted around the library, library staff play the part of suspects, and students interact with special collections to determine who committed the “crime.” It is a wonderful and fun evening, and students who participate report learning a lot about special collections.

The science library teamed up with the campus Women in Science and Engineering group to co-host the Women in Science Edit-a-thon at UNC. The goal of the event was to create Wikipedia pages for women scientists who do not currently have their own dedicated page and to improve citations and supplement pages that currently exist but are sparse. Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons are popular events because they give students an opportunity to learn good research skills as they write entries, and they allow students a chance to contribute useful knowledge to a heavily used resource.

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