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Ned Potter is an academic liaison librarian who makes excellent use of his professional brand and also runs presentation skills training. He has written an awesome post about tailoring your presentation for your audience (be in in person or online) by tailoring your slides and we wanted to share it with you:

In my Presentation Skills training I spend a lot of time offering different ways of presenting information and ideas visually, so you can lose a lot of the words from your PowerPoint slides. After all, it is a presentation, not a document. It’s not designed to be read – or at least it shouldn’t be, else you’ll leave your audience wondering if your presence as a presenter is even really neccessary…

Then later we discuss the importance of uploading your presentations to Slideshare to amplify their impact and reach a wider audience. So inevitably the most common question which gets asked after that is: “But how will this make sense to people who weren’t in the room to hear me talk?”

It’s a tricky question because in most cases, a presentation simply can’t be fit for both purposes. Good live slides won’t make sense without the presenter, and good web slides won’t have been an effective communication tool in a face-to-face presentation.

There are basically three answers to this (that I give, anyhow):

  1. You make a different version that goes online
  2. You upload the accompanying notes or audio
  3. You accept that the online audience will have a different experience, and that’s not the end of the world

There are times when I do all three of these, sometimes all for the same presentation (bear with me…). Lets look at each one in turn…

You can find out more about how to best capture your audience’s attention over at Ned’s blog.

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