Diverse communities: library services

Service by Dennis Skley. Used with permission under CC BY-ND 2.0

Service by Dennis Skley. Used with permission under CC BY-ND 2.0

What services does your library offer to cater for a diverse community? Maybe you would like to consider the library you use rather than the one you work for.

Much of the written work on diverse communities is focused on the public library sector and this probably reflects the wide range of services that public libraries offer in their role as community hub.

However, other library sectors can learn from the experience of public libraries – perhaps look at existing services through the lens of the public library experience and see if changes can be made.

Have a look at the experiences of the Public Library of Frankfurt, particularly in working with clients for whom German is a second language. Or at these stories about libraries creating and adapting services for autistic children and teens. Maybe your library conducts bilingual storytime for children, or is looking to engage with and provide targeted services for older adults such as mobile and home lending.

As we have been exploring in this discussion topic so far, diversity means many different things so there are sure to be services that your library is, or could be offering to a particular part of your community. Share these with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or on twitter using #interlibnet and #diversity to help us track and share the conversation.

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  1. At my work we have access for people with disabilities and they included the library in a city guide for this kind of people.
    Other than that we don’t have special diversity policies, but the reading room is open for everyone, sometimes inmigrant or homeless people come to use the computers to look for jobs.

  2. My workplace’s features, diversity is more related to the different types of economic sectors we target, but basically demanding the same kind of oriented market strategies, services therefore cannot respond from my experience.

    As a professional in this area, and if you were working in a library where the characteristics of its location, it has an multucultural environment I begin my work identifying from the information service and lending to different cultures, ages and educational levels to responsive.

    Following from the different processors profiles, I would direct religious communities or communities of neighbors to collaborate in the work of integration, learning and of course, aware of their own cultures, designing appropriate services to them from reading club , to support learning, focusing on finding books. Creating points with all the latest information and dissemination of their own community activities.

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