Postcard from Kenya: Carol Mwaura’s #LibrarianCommute

Our #LibrarianCommute feature from week 1 of the program proved to be quite popular so we are continuing to feature stories as they come in. Today’s post is from Carol Mwaura, our ILN Ambassador to Kenya.

I work 10 minutes walk from my place. I leave the house  at 7:45 A.M and 10 min later am at work.My place of work is near a busy highway that connects Nairobi (The Capital) to the North Eastern part of Kenya.I really enjoy the walks since I dont need to use any public transport or spend time in traffic jams the fresh air of the  country side and I get an opportunity to go for lunch in my house but not all the time depending how work is. I enjoy the morning sunrise and the View of Mt. Kenya and in the evening as I walk back home I enjoy the sunset and the View of Aberdare Ranges.Its always magical for me. Its currently very dry and hot but I enjoy every moment.

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  1. Thank you @ Masechaba it is indeed a beautiful place. @ Sandy you are welcome to visit especially Kenya ill give you a tour .Thanks Jane.

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