#LibrarianCommute – Clare McKenzie shares her public transport journey

My daily trip to work involves a 1km walk to the train station, a 25 minute train trip and then a 10-15 minute bus trip. If it all goes well and I don’t have to wait too long between the train and the bus, I get to work about an hour after I walk out of my front door. That’s a pretty standard Sydney commute although lots of people travel much longer each way. I love using public transport, I could drive to work but the traffic makes me cranky and takes around the same amount of time. I like that I can buy a coffee on my way to the train in the morning and also that I have a bit of a walk at the very end of the day  – it helps clear my head and in winter, makes me appreciate my warm house when I get home!

I read or play games on my phone and sometimes listen to podcasts like Kate, but mostly I listen to audio books. I can’t read a book on the bus as I get motion sickness and I can’t read a book while walking down the street so I find audio books are a way to get a really good chunk of ‘reading’ done from the minute I walk out of the door.

However, I also like the chance to look around and see the seasons changing in the gardens I walk past and my phone is always full of snapshots like these.

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  1. I am a Serial’s librarian @ a Federal University. I leave home 6.40am everyday to go to work in order to get to work between 8.15am -8.30am depending on the level of traffic. I drive myself to work and I always enjoy the beauty of nature every morning which gives me a cause to praise God for a beautiful and refreshing morning.
    On getting to my office, I always ensure that all the computer systems are perfectly working and ready to use by our clientele. I take mytime to put students through various e-resources that we have in my section and its always fun because I also gain a lot while relating with them and am the better for it. I look forward to going to work everyday because I always make sure I learn something new in my field everyday. I close @work by 4pm and head back straight home to prepare for the next day.
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  2. I also spend at least an hour getting to both of my Library jobs. I live in the Yarra Valley but work in different parts of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Lucky I absolutely looooveeee working at the Libraries 🙂 I can’t see myself putting in the enormous effort I do for just any old Industry..It is Libraries all the way……

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