Commuting around the world

crowdsurgeTimesSquareAs our new round of ILN partnerships get underway, we have been asking participants to share stories and pictures from their regular trip between home and place of work or study.

Here’s a round up of commuting stories from around the world that we’ve put together here at ILN Central:

In Copenhagen, Denmark, around 50% of commuters travel by pushbike each day, probably largely avoiding the health risks of driving long distances each day.

We offer you a list of short stories to read on your daily train or bus trip, or an entire book to read – all about commuting.

What are the nine worst cities for commuting in Africa? Or can walkability be increased in some of Africa’s biggest urban sprawls?

Then there’s a host of ‘crazy commuting’ stories: from the UK, Nepal and all around the world.

However, maybe your commute is tranquil, peaceful, short or just beautiful. Share it with us on social media using #interlibnet #librariancommute

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