#LibrarianCommute – Karen du Toit shares her (dark) winter drive

Karen is our ILN Country Ambassador for South Africa.

This is my morning and afternoon photos on my way to work at the SABC Radio Archives. The Archives is part of the SABC Media Libraries of the national broadcaster (South African Broadcasting Corporation).

I leave the house just after 6 am and gets back at 5 to 6 pm. This is winter time and that’s why it is still dark.

It takes me an hour going there and an hour back. If the traffic allows it! (Sometimes I spend three hours altogether in traffic to and from work.)


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  1. Wao, well, that’s a routine for you daily! Nice to hear from you and pictures of you going to work.

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  2. In this specific clip that I have shared on Twitter today, a well-known and loved Afrikaans writer has died yesterday. They are busy compiling tribute programmes to be broadcasted on radio.

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