More about the Library of the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain

We had such an overwhelming response to the Postcard we received from the Library of Prado Museum that we asked Marta Bausá Arpón to tell us more about her beautiful library:

The Library of the Prado Museum is the most important art library in Spain. The library has a staff of nine people, and is part of the Department of Library, Archive and Documentation. We have about 80,000 volumes of monographs and 1300 journals. There is also a collection of electronic resources, and an important collection of old books of about 4,500 volumes. We have initiated a program of digitization of our collections, including some the most valuable books.

Since 2009 the Library is located in the building called “Casón del Buen Retiro” that was part of the Palacio del Buen Retiro. The reading room is in the Ambassadors Ballroom, under the splendid dome painted by the Neapolitan Luca Giordano. It’s really a beautiful space for the readers.


The Library provides mainly service to the museum staff, but also to anyone that needs to do some research in History of Art, or has some particular interest about art. In 2014 our library attended 4.744 users, although this number is very far from the amount of users of the great public libraries, it’s an important number for a medium specialized library like this.

Our library has grown exponentially in the recent years, being part of important national and international art libraries projects.


As you can see, this is a dynamic library where there is always lots of work to do. There is always a new project in the making, never a dull moment!!

It is a pleasure to work in the Prado Museum Library.

Kisses from Madrid



Thank you Marta for taking the time to tell us more about this lovely library!

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