Guest post: a postcard from Olvera, Spain

Today’s guest post comes from ILN participant Remedios Palma. Remedios copied us on an email he sent to his partner that contained the most gorgeous photo of his town, so we asked him to tell us a bit about it. It has certainly fed our travel bug – anyone fancy a trip to Spain?!

Olvera - image supplied by the author

Olvera – image supplied by the author

A popular saying: Olvera is a street, a church and a castle; what street, what church and what castle!

Olvera is a town located in the province of Cádiz (Spain), near the border of the provinces of Seville and Málaga and has a population 8.351  inhabitants.

Olvera - image supplied by the author

Olvera – image supplied by the author

Olvera has beautiful architecture hence that in 1983 it was declared a historic-artistic site. The origins of the current population of Olvera seem to lie around the castle and Arabic Nasrid period, built in the XII century. Dominating the area, like the top of a pyramid, is Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (the Parish of Our Lady of the Incarnation) next to the Arabic Castle: it is the vertex of a white expanse of houses amongst olive groves. This church, in neoclassic style, was built in 1822. but on the foundations was an Arabic mosque.

The hills surrounding Olvera are full of olive groves that provide the best extraction of olive oils in Andalusia, so the sale of extra virgin olive oil is made more predictable by the actual EU certification of the Protected Dominacion of Origin of Sierra De Cadiz. The main economy  are family cooperatives, based on agriculture, agri-food industry, tourism and services.

“Green Way” is a very well known way in Olvera, this area  takes part of a net of railways all over Spain what never was finished. The real beauty of most vias verdes, however, is that they are usually routed far away from habitation and roads. The Puerto Serrano-Olvera route, particularly, forges through primeval countryside, in cuttings and raised sections in the middle of wild landscape, farmland, mountains, scrub, valleys, water meadows, forest. No cars, few people, just you and whatever nature happens to be doing in that particular section of the route.

Olvera Public Library - image supplied by the author

Olvera Public Library – image supplied by the author

The Public Library of Olvera is situated in the center of town, a second floor in the House of Culture. We are a team of three people and we love our work: the areas of Culture, Youth and Library, dependent of the local government of Olvera. The Library also includes the Youth Information Center,  Area of Local Information and Rockoteca ( a section of rock music).

It is a small library, barely 200m2, but cute and cozy.

Our objectives are:

  • Meet the needs of the citizenship, responding to their interests and cultural information.
  • Convert the BPM in a place of encounter and communication.
  • Convert the BPM in a strategic center for the dissemination of knowledge through the development of cultural activities and promoting citizen participation.
Olvera Public Library - image supplied by the author

Olvera Public Library – image supplied by the author

We are delighted with our participation in ILN and we would like to learn a lot and share our work with other libraries in the world . Would be a good way to start a relationship for future exchanges.

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  1. Been there a few times ,it’s a lovely place .the photos don’t do it justice . It was a white village but has grown it’s more a small town now , it is certainly beautiful ..

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