Crumbling cultural heritage. Photo: 'Angkor - Cambodia 9' by Cris Pierry CC-BY-NC-SA2.0

Crumbling cultural heritage. Photo: ‘Angkor – Cambodia 9’ by Cris Pierry CC-BY-NC-SA2.0

The iGLAM Lab is a laboratory for innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums and is a part of the National Institute for Experimental Arts at UNSW Australia. iGLAM is a research group that works at the intersection of emerging technology and cultural heritage. They seek to use cutting edge technology to create extraordinary immersive experiences that add new ways to engage with cultural heritage, whilst creating opportunities for the preservation of the original cultural sites and objects.  Their projects have included:

  • mARChive (2014) Museum Victoria’s data browser for 100,000 objects in 360-degree 3D, Melbourne
  • Look up Bombay (2014) as a gigapixel dome work for the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai
  • Pirates Scroll 360 (2013)&Pirates Scroll Navigator (2013), two treatments of a scroll painting, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong KongPure
  • Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang (2012) and Pure Land Augmented Reality Edition (2012) based on interactive facsimiles of the World Heritage Site, Dunhuang, China
  • PLACE-Hampi (2006) and the new museum at Karnataka, India Kaladham (2012) based on the World Heritage Site, Hampi, India
  • ECloud WW1 for Europeana (2012); a world touring exhibitionrepresenting 70,000 objects from the website in 3D.

Sarah Kenderdine, Director of the iGLAM Lab was a featured speaker earlier this year at the ALIA Information Online conference  where she gave a compelling presentation entitled “Cultural data sculpting: creating immersive experiences from digital archives”  which showcased projects from the iGLAM lab’s work creating digital experiences as a way of preserving and enhancing cultural heritage sites. During and after Sarah’s presentation, the conversation on twitter   and online took some interesting turns, exploring what it meant to have an immersive experience and if a digital experience could come close to the experience of really being there.

A similar talk Sarah Kenderdine gave at the University of Western Australia entitled The Age of Experience: cultural heritage in museums of the future is available online and includes footage of some of iGLAM Lab’s stunning projects. This recorded lecture explores new paradigms for developing cultural heritage as embodied museum experiences inside a series of large-scale immersive and interactive museum display systems.

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