The GLAM-Wiki project aims to encourage GLAM organisations to work with Wikimedia (the organisation behind Wikipedia) to create high quality, open access, freely reusable content for the world and to preserve and promote cultural heritage online.

The first GLAM-Wiki Conference was in Canberra Australia in August 2009, which brought together 150 delegates to discuss how the Wikimedia community could work with cultural institutions to further their shared aims. Since then, GLAM-Wiki has grown and provides a hub of information for organisations wishing to get involved.

They have created the GLAM Bookshelf, a collection of guides and materials outlining how to establish GLAM-Wikimedia projects, Wikipedia basics for GLAMS and publications to assist with GLAM-Wiki outreach. They also have an extensive collection of case studies and list of projects around the globe, such as the:

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis[which] has an ongoing Wikipedian-in-Residence program that pilots a variety of GLAM projects, including image donations toWikimedia Commons, work with middle and high school students in the Museum Apprentice Program, and processes for contributing institutional expertise to Wikipedia. See the Children’s Museum’s success storyfor more information – written by Angie McNew, Director of Web and Emerging Media at the Children’s Museum and project manager for the ongoing Wikipedian-in-Residence program that began in August 2010. (Source: Wikipedia

They also offer an excellent list of Model Projects – with many ideas of how organisations across the GLAM sector could get involved. It’s been getting it’s fair share of media attention too, such as this Atlantic article, offering advocacy opportunities for both Wikipedia and GLAM organisations.

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