Λογοκριμένη Αλληλογραφία: Letter Opened by Censor, from Europeana CC-BY-NC_3.0

Λογοκριμένη Αλληλογραφία: Letter Opened by Censor, from Europeana CC-BY-NC_3.0

OpenGLAM is an initiative that  is dedicated to sharing knowledge and aims to build a global cultural commons for the world to use. Coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, OpenGLAM works with cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums to open up their content and data  to the world through hands-on workshops, documentation and guidance.


The work of OpenGLAM is based on a belief in the importance of knowledge sharing for research, innovation and creativity.

The OpenGLAM Principles state:

Galleries, libraries, archives and museums have a fundamental role in supporting the advance of humanity’s knowledge. They are the custodians of our cultural heritage and in their collections they hold the record of humankind.

The internet presents cultural heritage institutions with an unprecedented opportunity to engage global audiences and make their collections more discoverable and connected than ever, allowing users not only to enjoy the riches of the world’s memory institutions, but also to contribute, participate and share.

We believe that cultural institutions that take steps to open up their collections and metadata stand to benefit from these opportunities. 

There are numerous projects that use or provide open cultural data including:

OpenGLAM run events, such as the first Romanian Open Open Culture Hackathon, operate OpenGLAM local groups and ambassadors, and  releases research, guides and other resources.

Their website features open collections from around the world that feature images and materials that are free to use such as the Australian War Memorial and the York Museums Trust Online Collections.

You can contribute to this list by submitting open collections from your organisation.


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