Guest post: Egyptian librarian initiatives to serve the library community

Today’s guest post comes from our ILN Ambassador in Egypt, Dr Ghadeer Magdy Abdelwahab Said. She’s eager to share with us some of the interesting things happening in libraries in Egypt that are directly targeting the library community. Thanks for sharing Ghadeer!

Many librarian initiatives have been done in Egypt in the last few years to serve library community and help in professional development of librarians. This article will highlight two of the most famous initiatives.

Cybrarians: the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information

A non-profit organization established in April 2002 with individual efforts by launching a web directory of LIS websites. It aims to develop the librarianship community. It offers free services for library community in Egypt and Arab countries. In 2003, the website converted from web directory to portal. A new teamwork was formed; the content of the portal was completely reformed and enriched. It contained factual information about librarianship community in Egypt.

In 2004 Cybrarians Journal was launched as the first librarianship peer-reviewed e-journal published in the Arab countries, it has been indexed in DOAJ, WorldCat, Ulrichsweb, EBSCO, and DFAJ. In the same year, a free bibliographic database for Arabic journals articles was launched. In 2006, the database added theses and conference papers to its indexed items.

In 2008, Cybrarians started to participate in the professional development of librarians as it started its training programs, and conferences later in 2013.

In September 2011, Cybrarians became a non-profit organization according to Egyptian law.

Enjoy your visit to Cybrarians at the following link: Cybrarians are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

#LibraryExperts community initiative

An open community of LIS professionals, initiated in June 2014 with individual efforts as a result of lack of professionals role in the development of the library profession. The community aims to:

  1. Help librarians to develop and enhance their skills
  2. Steer the librarians to maximize their potential to understand and meet the requirements of their jobs and the community they serve
  3. Influence the forces for change in librarians’ working environment

It hosts free public figures in different discipline to deliver its message through activities, like: Round Tables, Hajrasi’s Lounge, Library Debates, and Ask the Experts, LibraryExperts TV. Although the community still relatively young it has already achieved a high reputation and great success not only in Egypt but also the Arab countries.

For more information about the community please visit: Facebook page, YouTube channel, Google+.

If you’d like to share with us some of the resources available for librarians in your country, please contact us. We love hearing about what’s going on in libraries around the world!


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