Moving for a job: Finding the job

Job Search by TaxCredits. CC BY 2.0

Job Search by TaxCredits. CC BY 2.0

If you’ve decided that the benefits of moving city or country for a job outweigh the down side – and assuming you don’t already have a job to move to – where do you start looking? If you search for international librarian jobs online, you get a lot of results, but many broken links as pages are out of date or no longer maintained.

Fortunately, library schools and professional associations have also thought of this and some of them have put together great lists of resources. We’ve rounded up a few of these sites to create a list of places to look. Note that these were all valid links at time of writing and all sites had been updated in the last month.

  • IFLA have a LIBJOBs email list that employers can post jobs to. Job seekers have to subscribe to the list but you don’t have to be an IFLA member to do this
  • ALA ‘s list also includes some funding and scholarship information
  • Charles Sturt University’s (Australia) Library school provides links to work in Australia but also out to the UK and the USA
  • INALJ  of course
  • Do a search on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook to see what comes up.

Some more generalist job boards we found are:

  • EuroJobs if you’re not sure where in Europe you’d like to go
  • African Union 
  • Want to change the world? Idealist careers includes not-for-profit opportunities across many sectors that might just utilise your very transferrable library skills. Or try UNjobs instead for a similar type of offering.

Share your favourite jobs sites in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter – you never know who might be looking for a job in your town or country.


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