Thank you to all the ILN volunteers!

Thank you Wordle from Apple, by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones. Used under Creative Commons licence

Thank you Wordle from Apple, by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones. Used under Creative Commons licence

This week in Australia is National Volunteers Week. While the ILN is a truly international program, we felt that this was a great excuse to highlight and celebrate the many volunteers who help make the ILN program and community come to life. The ILN is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom do their ILN work on top of full time jobs, family commitments, other professional development, and perhaps the occasional social engagement. So we’d like to take a moment to say than you to our volunteers.

You’ve probably seen our Twitter feed or Facebook page – these are both run by the impressive Lisa Miller, our Social Media Coordinator. We’ve recently recruited Brett Williams to the social media team, who is going to build up our LinkedIn presence. Thanks Lisa and Brett!

We have a growing team of Country Ambassadors – these people are truly inspiring, as they give their time, energy and contacts to help a bunch of Australian librarians get the word out about this international program. If you’re a participant from Poland, for example, chances are you heard about the program through the actions of Magdalena Gomulka. So we’d like to thank Jenny, Mushvig, Shaharima (who recently won a grant to attend the IFLA Congress!), Sonam, Roseline, Dave, Dorja, Adriana, Ghadeer, Manuel, Leo, Eva, Francis, Ayedole, Yousuf, Louie, Magdalena, Karen, Maria, Helen, Jacqueline, Cintia, Kishor, Winny, June, Quỳnh Vân, Cate and Carol. It’s a long list isn’t it?!

We’ve got a few ‘irregulars’, as Sherlock Holmes might call them – people we bring in to help us with something specific. Matthew Hilzinger is our technical consultant, and wrote the PowerShell script that lets us find perfect (or close to) matches for our 700+ participants in each round. Daniel Green is our audio visual consultant, who filmed and edited the welcome video we sent out to new participants. Thanks Matthew and Daniel!

We’ve had too many guest authors for our website to even name, but we’re grateful to all of them. If you’re interested, check out all our posts tagged with ‘guest post’. Each of these people have contributed a fresh story, a different voice, or a new perspective to our community.

Finally, to everyone who has commented on a blog post, replied to a social media post, or even participated in the program – thank you. You’ve created a truly international community of librarians that we all benefit from.

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