Libraries in pop culture: In My Life (Philippines)

Our ILN Ambassador in the Philippines, John Louie Zabala, has shared with us some examples of libraries and librarians featured in pop culture in his country. We wish we could wear some of those library-inspired outfits!

Perhaps one of the most rare and unforgettable showcases of a librarian in the history of Philippine movies was Vilma Santos, known as Philippine’s Star for All Seasons. Vilma had a stint in the movie In My Life released in 2009. The film was about the struggles of a mother, Shierly Templo, feeling alone and left out of her brood, with her daughter expressing the desire to migrate to Australia and her gay son already working in New York. Here is the link to the trailer.

The movie was really not that descriptive of the librarian role as the main character only showed up in library and school scenes in just few frames. No scene firmly suggests her activities inside the library except her acts of hissing students. She can be identified as a stereotypical librarian complete with her glasses and her choice of classic cardigans and coats; a staple to stereotypical librarian fashion. She was also punningly recognizable in the way the character shushes her workmates in the restaurant where she worked later in New York.

Speaking about fashion, it was lucky for “librarians” to be featured in the country’s fashion scene. During the Philippine Fashion Week last 2013, Filipino designer Oz Go flaunted a line of models sporting garments which made them appear “librarian-ish”. The collection, which was inspired by books, was complete with long-sleeved coats and dressed printed and appliquéd with books, maps and compasses. This gave a feel suggesting the librarian’s conventional role of being vanguards of books and (okay) history. Epic, glasses with chains perfected the models look as they strut on the runway. Here is a link to the site with the pictures of the models in it.

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